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BEST WAY TO MAKE A BIRTHDAY PARTY LIT! Are you planning a birthday party for your child and want it to be as fun and interesting as possible? Our string pinata is just what you need. The fun colors make it a lovely addition and must-have for kid’s birthday parties. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now to get one today. A large capacity makes our pinata perfect for holding all types of party favors and gifts. You can fill it up with candy, soft toys, lollies, and more. It is also a lot safer since it eliminates swinging bats that could cause injury. How to use 1.Locate the red and white ribbons and firmly pull each one straight out from the side to lock the walls in place 2.Cut off the red and white ribbons 3.Find the hole on the top or side of the pinata and use it to fill it up with toys and candy 4.Hang the pinata from a sturdy support. Each pinata comes with a built-in hanging loop. Make sure the ribbons are within reach of the players. 5.Players take turns to pull the ribbons under the pinata. Only one ribbon opens the hidden door to release the goodies. Reasons you are going to love our ribbon pinata: -Makes a great addition to your party décor -Adds fun to every party -Easy to refill and use -Quality make guarantees you value for money Do not leave the success of your kid’s birthday party to chance. Get this fun pinata today and make sure this will be the best party they’ll ever have.

Party Fun Pull Pinata for Kids Birthday Parties – Large Capacity String Pinata with Hidden Door Colorful - BMNMK4WPL