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  • After these paper trees absorb the growth liquid, they will grow beautiful flower-like crystals, which is very interesting.

  • The magical process of paper trees blooming can stimulate children's curiosity.

  • These flowering paper trees look very beautiful and natural, and will add a rich Christmas atmosphere to your DIY crafts.

  • These magical paper trees that can blossom are sweet gifts for sons, daughters or friends, which help to cultivate hands-on ability, increase interest in handmade craft, and can learn from each other. In this process, enhance the relationship.

  • The principle is that tissue paper of the water is evaporated. After the concentration of the solution exceeds the saturation, the crystal is separated and grown into a crystal tree.

  • Reminders: 1. Rainy days and high humidity will affect the flowering speed and effect of paper trees. (It is not recommended to operate in this weather)
    2. Air-conditioned floor heating room, the effect will be very dry and poor.
    3. It is normal for "capillary crystals" to be fragile and fall off. Please fix a position and do not touch or move it during the growth process.
    4. The temperature is lower than 18 degrees, it is recommended to plant in a heated indoor. The blooming flowers are more delicate. Do not expose them to strong sunlight, do not shake them, and handle them gently.
    5. "Paper Tree Blossom" is a manual operation. Naturally grown crystals are more or less, please buy carefully if you mind. It is recommended to use small tweezers to separate the paper so that the leaves will flourish.
    Please choose an indoor environment with good weather and normal temperature to make the lush "flowers" crystal clear

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