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  • High Quality: Each of our lanterns are made of biodegradable and eco-friendly flame retardant paper, cotton wax fuel and bamboo, which will completely decompose after use

  • Easy to use: The lantern comes with a separate wax block, made of paraffin wax, wrap the wire around the wax block, then light it, wait patiently for 2-3 minutes after lighting the wax block, let it go after it expands, and he will fly

  • Each lantern can light up the night sky for you, send your blessings to the distance, and give you unforgettable memories

  • Sky lanterns are perfect for graduations, weddings, outdoor bonfires, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and other commemorative events

  • Our wishing lights are safe and durable. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us

  • Paper Lanterns Full of Blessings Fly to the Sky

    Steps for Usage
    1. Open the package and wave the lantern to let some air into the lantern.
    2. Grab both sides of the bamboo circle, put the wax block into the wire and fix it
    3. Light up the lights, light up around the wax block, the edge is better
    4. Wait quietly for about one to two minutes, let the gas in the lantern burn fully,
    and slowly inject hot air. When lighting, keep away from paper.
    5. After being patiently filled with hot air, you can release lanterns to the sky to
    release your blessings

    Product Details

    Material: Fire Resistant Rice Paper
    Shape: Oval
    Size: 32.6*16.5*12.6
    Colour: Pink/Orange/Rose/Yellow/White/Red/Green/Blue/Purple


    Before buying wishing lanterns.
    Please check local laws first.
    To ensure that it can be used legally.
    Please follow the package and instructions for operation.

    When using floating lanterns,
    should avoid using in strong wind,
    and avoid using in dense buildings.
    Make sure the wind speed does not exceed 5 mph.
    Make sure not to use it near the forest.
    Do not use near dry crops

    5 Pack Sky Lanterns Paper to Release in Sky,Biodegradable Flying Wish Floating Lantern for Party Birthday Halloween Christmas White - BVOWKA4RK